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Camp Edify—Tongues, Interpretation & Prophecy

$205.00 per person / 5 nights

Seek to excel to the edifying of the Body of Christ as you enjoy the dynamic, new intermediate class on Power for Abundant Living Today. The teachings will encourage you to become even more mature in Christ and more proficient in the worship manifestations. This camp will include Dr. Wierwille’s historic class about tongues with interpretation and prophecy, plus more. Come join our special guest, Rev. David Chavoustie, as he leads you through these exciting classes!

(Available to Foundational Class graduates)
August 24–29, 2024
Camp fee: US$205 per person (plus lodging)

New students should be prepared to pay a separate Power for Abundant Living Today (PFAL Today) Intermediate Class registration fee of $75 ($40 for dependents/students under the age of 25) and fill out a registration card when they arrive at the camp. New students are those who have not had The Way of Abundance and Power or PFAL Today Intermediate Classes before arriving at the camp. Graduates of these classes will not be required to pay a class registration fee and will receive a complimentary PFAL Today Intermediate Class syllabus at the camp if needed.

Registration opens: April 1, 2024
Registration deadline: July 26, 2024

To better plan your accommodations before starting the registration process, please view the accommodation pricing below:
Accommodation Pricing

Pay a deposit $51.25 Balance payment will be required on July 4, 2024

A 25% nonrefundable deposit will be required at checkout.